Ways to Travel / Planning

Custom Tours

There is so much to explore in Samoa and a wide range of expectations in terms of experience and ability.  So tell us how you like to travel and what level of adventure we want and we can organise it for you.

Whether we start with a simple freedom hire concept or start with a "standard tour" we can create journeys for all abilities.

Planning Tours

Contact us early

We like to help you plan a trip that will fit your interests, comfort expectations, fitness, kayaking experience and budget. If you contact us early in your planning we can recommend options and ideas. Just email info@outdoor.co.nz or use the contact us button. We can advise you on trip options and indicative prices.

Book flights

If you are travelling on a budget, the biggest variable cost will be the airfares.  Generally speaking the sooner you book flights the better the price.  For the July school holidays you will need to book 9 months ahead for a good price.  The Easter and October breaks fill up a bit slower and are often a better alternative. See Airlines below for more details.

Trip Duration

The most frequent comment we get from one week visitors is "wish we had booked a longer trip". Extra nights along the way at Fale type accommodation add very little to the cost.  Another common comment is that most of the beach resorts deserved a second night and the usual adventure pace of bike/kayak every day was less appropriate in Samoa.   A few extra days will also give you better access to pleasanter flight times.

Finalise Itinerary 

With confirmed flights we can finalise your itinerary and invoice you (see FAQs for billing and cancellation details).

Once your tour is confirmed (by payment of deposit) you will receive a booklet on touring Samoa, vouchers for accommodation and comprehensive itinerary notes.  These include more notes on what to bring (generally less than you expect) and how to prepare.


Both Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia operate a regular schedule of flights from Auckland, Sydney and Brisbane.  Booking flights directly using the airlines booking sites tend to provide the best value deals.  For traveller outside New Zealand and Australia your travel agent or specialised flight aggregator site may provide a better deal.