New Premises

New Premises

We have moved.

We have moved to new, bigger premises in Samoa.

We are still in Mulifanua - just 200m further down the road.

4 December 2017

We now have our own quarter acre paradise by the sea.  It's still in Mulifanua with easy access to the ferry to Savaii and the airport.

In December last year Airport Lodge announced they were closing and we began searching in earnest for a new base.  We found the site quickly but securing it and developing it took much of the year, so it wasn't untill November that we could finally launch into the building activities.  So far we have shifted our shed and are are in the process of building a large workshop with a house above.  It will be a much better facility when we finish, but it's moderately chaotic if you are starting your trip in the next 2 months.

Bike hires and tours  are open - but please book in advance.

Kayak tours will resume on 1 February.

Our phone connections are slightly dodgy as we sort out relocation issues.  (+685) 45991 should work during the day.  (+685) 762 1530 should work any time as should +64) 9745 214.  e-mail to will reach us and get an answer.

In Samoa there are no street numbers so our address is simply: Main Road, Mulifanua (next to Princessa supermarket) and just before Lalovi Village.

Below are photos of the relocation and construction.

Our Shed Relocated

Pouring Concrete

Demolition Complete

Walking the shed up the road

The old site


Block delivery

Relaxing at Sheraton

Site Preparation

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