About Us

Outdoor Samoa 

In 2008  we started Outdoor.co.nz running trips to Antarctica, Ecuador, Nepal, Patagonia and Samoa. Gradually the activities in Samoa gained such momentum that in 2013 we built an adventure base in Mulifanua on Upolu.  We now divide our time fairly evenly between New Zealand and Samoa.

To see more information on our destinations other than Samoa - check out outdoor.co.nz.

Principal Staff

Ross Bidmead

Ross has been leading adventure trips around the world for 35 years. In his spare time he is Director of an IT company and risk researcher.

Frances Bidmead

Frances is our primary administrator and brings order and structure to Outdoor Samoa.  She has travelled with Ross for 44 years. 



Our base in Samoa is in Mulifanua, near to the International Airport and ferry to Savaii (but almost an hour from Apia).  

New Zealand

Our other base is at 8 Hewett Way, Ngaio, Wellington 6035

Tours are invoiced through our New Zealand Company - Outdoor.co.nz Limited (registered to the same address).

Bookings and Cancellations

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